Apr 072014

Nature offers little treasures right before our eyes–like this bird’s nest perched on a wreath on my glass front door. Standing on a stool, I saw that an egg was added each day.  Now, as the mother house finch sits on her nest, I try to give her space.

What gems await your notice? Look closely. Focus. Then capture a few key words on paper.


Wreath-top Nest


 A mother finch



until she finds

a fading wreath

still hanging on a door.

She twitters,


gathers grass,

     soft leaves,

     and fur

to weave into a bed.

Day by day,

blue eggs appear—


     and two,

     then three,

     now four.

At last, she nestles

in her wreath-top nest

as her tiny heart

     hums lullabies

to young ones curled in eggs.

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