About Julia


Julia small crop DSC_2416I did not grow up wanting to be a writer. In fact, I thought writing was hard work. I still think that, but I write anyway because the world is full of wonder to be noticed, people to be remembered, and stories to be heard. My writing has been filled with serendipity. Family stories and nature provided my first inspirations, but each path I have taken has led me to others.

After honing my writing skills for over 25 years, my nine books have come together in recent years. Each of these books is about keeping our stories—not just mine, but yours too. All invite sharing between generations. My books have been honored with awards that have sometimes surprised me. Read about their awards and some state, national and international reviews here.

Writing poems is one of my loves. I enjoy playing with sounds and rhythms in free verse as I capture nature’s images in words. I often write poems as I walk my dog or explore the woods. Over 60 of my nature poems are published in children’s magazines, including Cricket and Pockets.

I conduct poetry and writing workshops in schools and libraries, and I present programs on keeping stories. Aside from writing, I tutor, and I have taught children’s literature and language classes at Guilford Technical Community College. My home is in Jamestown, North Carolina, with my husband, son, and golden retriever; but a part of my heart is in the North Carolina mountains, where I find inspiration for much of my writing.