Poetry Workshops

Celebrate Poetry with a Poetry Workshop
Led by author and poet Julia Taylor Ebel
WINGSTiger Sw Sm Canon 099
An artist’s palette
    on wings
takes dancing flight
    the meadow flowers.
With airy grace
    she flits and flies
as if her task
    were lighter
         a song.
                –Julia Taylor Ebel           


Using discussion, examples, movement, and writing, Julia’s poetry workshops invite students to feel the music of poetry.  Julia engages them to consider focus, strong word choices, sounds and rhythms, concision, sensory language and more.  She inspires students to create  collaborative poems and leaves them with enthusiasm and ideas to develop on their own poems.  While workshops address students, some schools use them as demonstration workshops for teachers, with follow-up sessions for staff.

Explore Julia’s website to see more about her books and poetry. Note especially the poetry page and poetry blog poetry as well as pages for Mama’s Wreaths and Dresses, Dreams and Beadwood LeavesBoth are Appalachian stories in accessible free verse.

Would your school benefit from a poetry workshop? Call to discuss school visits.

Rates for workshops are reasonable and negotiable.


About the author

  • Poetry workshop leader in schools (grades 1-12), libraries, and conferences
  • Author of seven books that keep North Carolina stories, including two narratives unfolding through poems
  • Over 60 poems published in magazines and anthologies, including Cricket and Pockets
  • Ten years as poetry workshop leader, Phoenix Literary Festival, High Point University
  • Final judge  and workshop leader for Guilford County High School Poet Laureate program, 2010


Julia Taylor Ebel ~ P.O. Box 11 ~ Jamestown, NC 27282C

(336) 454-1957 ~ ebel@northstate.net ~ www.JuliaEbel.com                   .